Venus in aquarius celebrities

In astrology, the planet Venus corresponds to love, beauty, pleasure, and harmony. When Venus inhabits the fifth house, the result is a special emphasis and fondness for fun and games.

The fifth house, which is ruled by Leo and governs entertainment, pleasure-seeking, and casual sex, is greatly promoted by the sensual and sumptuous energy of Venus. Here, the planetary energy of Venus serves to promote a heightened interest in the pursuit of fun and stimulating experiences. Whichever zodiac sign happens to occupy this house, Venus will soften and bestow some harmonizing and benefic effects on how it is expressed.

Here is a breakdown of Venus in the 5th house in both the natal chart and as a Transit. Those who have Venus in their 5th house are fun loving and fond of games and frivolous distractions.

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Whatever their attitude happens to be towards work and whatever amount of self-discipline they possess, they are nonetheless proponents of balancing work with a generous amount of play and recreation. They can be hedonistic and inclined to indulge in sudden flights of fancy and spoil themselves with things that make them happy and bring them pleasure and joy.

They are avid consumers of entertainment and anything that stimulates their romantic and imaginative minds. They know how to have a good time and they enjoy including other people in their merriment and revelries. They are good sports with a playfully competitive spirit. They tend not to take life too seriously and actively seek to try and make almost everything they do fun and enjoyable for them and others. Idealistic and sometimes naive, the Venus in 5th house man or woman is inclined to focus on the potential rewards and gratifications they can look forward to.

They have a youthful spirit and are likely to never lose touch with their inner child and sense of wonder. With Venus in house 5, there is likely to be a talent for putting together beautiful celebrations like birthdays, holidays, weddings and other celebratory occasions.

They have a flair for designing fun and engaging experiences and can likely do well as an event organizer or video game designer. They enjoy parties and appreciate those that are well put together with good music, food, and great ambiance. People with Venus in the 5th house are classy party animals and they also enjoy hobnobbing and soaking up the atmosphere and all the sights smells and flavors they can experience at a given venue.

Even in adulthood, they are like big kids and when they have children of their own, they are likely to be very affectionate and un-strict in their style of parenting. They tend to use persuasion tactics and with their kids and incentivize them rewards in order to get them to do their chores or duties. These parents are often compelled to encourage their kids to follow their inspiration and will be more tolerant or lenient on them about their mistakes and bad decisions.

Those with Venus in the 5th house are more lax and forgiving because to them, life is too short and they would rather mitigate the suffering and difficulty in the world rather than contribute to it or make it worse. Venus in the 5th highlights a very romantic and flirtatious disposition. Those who have this placement are likely to have no shortage of casual romances with a various people. They strike up connections like a match and enjoy the flames of passions while they last.

Many of their dalliances and romantic friendships are formed without strings attached or with serious long term expectations. They are quite good at smoothing out conflicts and getting themselves back in the good graces of their love interests.

It is likely they will at times get themselves in trouble when they try to juggle multiple partners at once without committing to any single one.

These individuals are inclined to be very flirty and can trigger jealousy in others who desire them exclusively. People with Venus in the 5th house of their chart may also have an interest in gambling and playing games with their money.

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Because of their fondness for pleasure and reward, they can easily become addicted to the endorphin rush of winning associated with gambling and lottery.The planet of love, Venusspeaks of how you relate to others, what gives you pleasure and your personal values.

Aquarius is the impersonal, future-oriented, Fixed Air sign that's about fairness, altruism, and improving the welfare and happiness of all people.

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius, above all, values the intellect and is concerned with creating a better world. Regardless of the Sun signRising sign, and other planetary placementsVenus in Aquarius adds an impersonal, universal, and unconventional touch to the way they relate to others.

They can often seem a bit eccentric, aloof, and emotionally detached, but who's to say those are negative traits. Many times, associates, good friends, and lovers need and appreciate having a cool headed, unemotional, and objective assessment of a situation or problem. The best thing an individual with Venus in Aquarius can do is to accept that their love style and their likes and dislikes are not traditional and be the best Venus in Aquarius they can be.

Venus is the planet of love. So, what sort of love nature does Venus have when in Aquarius? In a word, unconventional. Those with Venus in Aquarius make unusual choices when it comes to intimate partners.

They're prone to becoming involved in relationships that push the norm. These might be relationships where there's a significant age difference, a race difference, a class difference, or perhaps a same-sex or a long-distance thing, etc. With Venus in Aquarius, an individual wants to your friend first and your lover second. They will also remain your friend long after an intimate relationship ends. They often believe marriage will be the end of a great friendship and resist emotional involvement.

This means they often have casual friends with benefits relationships. Individuals with Venus in Aquarius are friendly and often have casual friends from all walks of life. However, they do have an unmistakable aloof, impersonal, and noncommittal vibe in their manner of relating to others. They are stubborn, "you do your thing, and I'll do mine" individuals who cling tightly to living life their way. They seldom compromise, believing that doing so would mean the loss of their unique individuality.

You can, however, expect complete loyalty when a person with Venus in Aquarius does commit. Like them or don't, Venus in Aquarius individuals attract love by being their quirky and unique self.

venus in aquarius celebrities

They want to be loved for their intellect and for who they are. So, they don't try to draw a lover by being sensual or seductive; they flirt by sharing their unusual ideas and opinions. Their goal is to attract a lover who is fascinated by their Aquarian penchant for dancing to the beat of their own thoughts and can be an intellectually stimulating dance partner.

Of course, Venus is about more than love, it's also what you value, the pleasure you take in life, and money. Venus in Aquarius values futuristic thinking and takes pleasure in science, technology, invention, humanitarian causes, social activism, group activity, and promoting progressive values.

venus in aquarius celebrities

On the other hand, some with Venus in Aquarius simply value and take pleasure in being the oddball. But regardless of how their Venus is expressed, they are all originals who can gain financially by involving themselves in Aquarian activities. Venus stays within 45 degrees of the Sun. If you have Sun is in Aquarius, your Venus in Aquarius will be unmistakable.

However, if your Sun in any of the other signs, your Venus will be more nuanced. If you'd like to know if your Venus is in Aquarius, you can easily get a birth chart at the Astro-Charts website. The celebrities below have Venus in Aquarius.

Each is a charismatic individual who clearly expresses their Venus in Aquarius.

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Oprah and her partner of over 30 years, live separate and independent lives, and have never married. She has also used her very lucrative career as a platform for helping the people of the world.When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart itself, the feeling nature is deep.

Venus in the 5th House – Forever Young At Heart

Socializing is taken seriously, and rarely lightly. They can be somewhat shy in youth, as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and social graces, and an aversion for superficialities. Love is extremely important to a person with a retrograde Venus, but they may not be explicit about it enough for others to know just how deeply they can love. There is always more to this person than meets the eye. Their love life and sometimes financial life can be hidden in some manner.

People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love relationships. Deep insecurities can be present. Self-love can be an issue. Fears can lead them to overcompensate, such as overeat, serial date, etc. The same person can swing from both poles in one lifetime. A balance, of course, is ideally sought. It is especially important for Venus retrograde people to avoid looking for happiness outside of themselves.

Create happiness within, take responsibility for your own happiness, and then the love that you deserve will come to you. Relationships can seem to make or break a person born with Venus retrograde, and this is because they take relationships so very seriously. There is a deep-seated fear of rejection with this position. Emotionally, there can be a very long recovery period after a break-up, unusually so, whether the Venus retrograde person has physically moved on or not.

It can take many years to emotionally get over a difficult relationship or break-up.

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Some retrograde Venus natives seem to be buying love, or they may show their love through materialistic attention more than others if they are not comfortable with what they have to offer as a person. Love and money can be tied together too closely with this position. Venus retrograde natives may in fact lose money through relationships.

There can be privacy or secrecy around finances with retrograde Venus. Perhaps they keep a hidden stash, or conversely, they might privately struggle with debt, they could be a closet shopaholic, or they might secretly gamble, for example.

There may also be a problem asking for what they are worth. There may be inhibitions when it comes to accepting money, asking for a raise, or going after high-paying jobs. People with Venus retrograde in their charts may not charge enough for their services. There can also be too-high standards for themselves with this position. This is ironic, and people with this position should seriously consider why they have different standards for themselves than they do for lovers.

Insecurities can lead to over-compensation, often with the traits of the Venus sign, as a means to avoid laying their hearts on the line. For example, emphasis can be on sex rather than intimacy, or material gifts rather than more spiritual or direct demonstrations of affection.

Venus retrograde is sometimes associated with delayed love or delayed marriage. However, many retrograde Venus natives do form early close unions. Generally speaking, though, they often take a long time to really give themselves up to the whole process of union. There can be a lot of hesitancy. Retrograde Venus natives are often misunderstood. Defense mechanisms can make it appear that retrograde Venus natives are not as emotional as they truly are.

In fact, they feel very deeply and take a long time not only to warm up to and trust someone, but also to move on after a difficult relationship. They can be deep thinkers when it comes to love and relationship, seeing issues and flaws that others may not always see, and this can be one of the reasons why their ideas and attitudes are off the beaten track. Retrograde Venus natives can be a little difficult to love, as they seem to need more reassurance than others.

There can be difficult childhood or early love experiences that contribute to complicated needs and fears in their current love life.You will find on these pages astrological charts of thousands of celebrities with the North Node in Aquarius. Just click on the celebrities of your choice to get their interactive natal chart, planetary dominants and excerpts of astrological portrait.

Taylor Alison Swift born December 13, birth time source: Astrodatabank, different sources exist for her. Among them, AM in Wyomissing is an American country-pop singer-songwriter. Inshe released her debut single "Tim McGraw", which peaked at number six on the Billboard country charts. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

Presley began his career as a singer of rockabilly, performing country and rhythm and blues songs. Brigitte Bardot born September 28, in Paris birth time source: Didier Geslain is a French actress, former fashion model, nationalist, singer, animal rights activist, and considered the embodiment of the s and s sex kitten.

In the s after her retirement from the entertainment industry, Bardot established herself as an animal rights activist, which she continues today.

Watson was cast as Hermione at the age of nine, having previously acted only in school plays. She subsequently appeared in the independent drama films The Burning Plain and Winter's Bonefor which she received her first Academy Award for Best Actress nomination; at the time, she was the second youngest person to receive a nomination in the category.

He is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best selling hip-hop artist, with over 75 million albums sold worldwide including over 50 million in the United States alone. He is Co-Leader of the European Greens and was one of the twelve official candidates in the French presidential election.

Jared Joseph Leto born December 26, birth time source: Grazia Bordoni database 'entertainment' file : "From him in person to an astrologer I know. He began his career as a model before studying art, and then later, film and video. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe born 23 July is an English film, television and stage actor. He is best known for playing school-aged wizard Harry Potter in each of the first five films based on the best-selling Harry Potter book series, and will appear in the final two films of that series as well.

Abel Tesfaye born February 16,known by his stage name The Weeknd, is an Ethiopian-Canadian recording artist and record producer.

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In lateTesfaye uploaded several songs to YouTube under the name "The Weeknd", though his identity was initially unknown. Clifford, birth certificateknown professionally as Winona Ryder, is an American actress. He was one of the most successful military commanders in history, and was undefeated in battle. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.You can change your city from here.

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Natal Sun Conjunct Venus

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We have finally stepped into a brand new year and decade and it is time for a fresh start and the resolve to do better than the last year in all aspects. After all, there is certainly no better time to dust off your to-do lists and pave way for lifestyle changes.

Since we are deeply connected to the planets and stars that surround us, any celestial event that impacts our solar system is bound to have a huge impact on our life. The universe works in mysterious ways and these planetary movements and interactions bring numerous developments and changes in our life. One such major celestial event is the transit of Venus in Aquarius, which is going to take place on the 9th of January, This feminine planet is attributed to harmony, unison and love between people.

It also has a huge influence on worldly pleasures, luxuries and all the materialistic comfort that rule our life. Venus remains in one planet for around 23 days to two months and then transits into another planet. On the 9th of January, at around 23 am, Venus will move to the Aquarius sign from its current position in the Capricorn. Let us have a look at the three sun signs which will benefit the most from the Venus transit The Venus transit will bring a host of good news for the Aries.

The planet of love and beauty will enter your eleventh house, ushering strong chances of financial gains and stability. The working class may finally receive that long waited appraisal and promotion.

The influence of this transit may enable businessmen in expanding their business and try new ventures. You may also earn better profits, come in contact with successful and influential people of society.

In addition to monetary gains, the love life of Aries will flourish during this transit.One of the most attractive astrological placements, discover the celebrities with Venus Rising…. Generally speaking, to have Venus in the first house suggests charm and, in many cases, physical attractiveness. These people tend to have an even, refined nature, balanced in looks and personality — rather than extreme or abrasive.

They will use their looks as a statement, but not in an offensive way. They usually have evenly balanced facial features and can be very beautiful, or have an air that makes them come across as such. They can be drawn towards the beauty, fashion or music industry, or work in the arts with great success.

However on the negative side of the coin, those with Venus Rising could be noticed only for their good looks, or work in the beauty arena. She started Star Sign Style to gather together all things beautiful and celestial in a honey pot of wonder.

venus in aquarius celebrities

A Yoga Sequence For Cancerians…. Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

Venus In The First House… Generally speaking, to have Venus in the first house suggests charm and, in many cases, physical attractiveness. Kimberly Peta Dewhirst. Up Next.

Prev Next.Venus Aquarius guys and gals think different.

aquarius celebrities being their zodiac sign

They're known for having social stamina and extending friendship to an eclectic mix of people. They tend to look striking in some way or have a strange style sense. Some are ultra chic and clean, others fall in the edgy camp, with a high shock factor, like piercings or tattoos, etc. Even if Venus Aquarius outwardly blends in, there's likely something unusual about their mindset. You can e maddening when you're in crusader mode, with a slight tinge of self-righteousness.

Is this your Venus sign? Find it on your birth chart — look for the Venus symbol. Aquarius in love Venus brings an original, totally independent outlook to relationships. There's a good chance that you'll make surprising choices in love. The social label on them by race, class, religion, is as ephemeral to you as someone's hair color.

This gives your love life the look of unconventionality, and you may end up shocking people in the process!

Astrological Birth Charts of Famous People by Planetary Position

The Venus Aquarius Woman defies convention. A man with Venus Aquarius respects free thinkers and women who let their freak flag fly! In same gender relationships, this is the Venusian expression, of the feminine, creativity and being in love with life. You need a lot more space than most people, and don't want to be bound up, or merge, or anything codependent like that. You're a sampler and a friendly group-oriented person that feels more at home in a small clique. It's important to be with someone whose mind is as quirky as yours, and that won't judge your far-out ways.

You may appear aloof when dating since the intimate encounter is at odds with your nature. But you'll respond to an intelligent, fair-minded person that lets you go off on your own most of the time. It's possible that you're a member of a few different groups, clubs or cliques of like-minded people. You might even meet a lot of people through activism since you don't shy from promoting a cause you believe in. At the same time, you're an emotional loner and might balance the two by being alone in a bustling, active place.

Friends probably consider you fair, completely non-judgemental and with your own take on everything.

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